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herb garden with lavender

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4 Responses to herb garden with lavender

  1. Mark says:

    Awesome, which species is the royal blue colored lavender?

  2. Mark says:

    Thank you, I have searched quite a few images on the web for it. I’m in Phoenix, AZ and every website says lavender does great here. However, so far for me not so much…I do have 4 this year that look like they’ll make it (hopefully). Ther royal blue ones I’m referring to appear to be English lavender, however I’ve been growing just that and my flowers are not giving off that color, much more of a purple. Possibly Sprouts and Home Depot mislabeled them or many on the internet are wrong. Time will tell when I get these to flower again and I can compare. I’m growing from seed, cuttings and purchased plants this year to combat my scorpion problems, last year the purchased plants were probably put in the ground too late or over watered; I’m taking a different approach this year. Thank you for your response.

    • BethTrissel says:

      I have also had my lavender struggles. I’ve learned they like good drainage and warmth, so have amended the soil, and added stones around them to retain heat. You can add small stones to the bottom of the planting hole as well. Burpee has some amazing lavenders that are hardier and very colorful I am trying now.

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