Author Melinda Elmore’s Stories and Tribute to Her Beloved Tommy

My dear friend Author Melinda Elmore is my guest today with a special message that all who read will be deeply touched by.  I certainly have been.   Melinda’s courage and faith as she goes through this terribly difficult time is an inspiration.  One moment, one, hour, one day at a time.  Step by step, she shares from her heart, her ongoing journey and love of a husband and father who is cherished beyond words.  Please join me in showing your support for this very special woman.

And now, I will turn the blog over to Melinda.

First I would like to thank Beth for allowing me to be here today. I was supposed to have been on this wonderful blog in October but I lost my precious husband, Tommy unexpectedly on October 4th. I am honored to be here and Beth has been there for me during this tragic time.

*I hope to continue to be, Melinda.  When you told me he’d died after routine surgery I was so stunned and unspeakably sorry.

I would like to talk about several things today. First I want to mention my first mystery novel, “Blood on the Feather” was released on Sept 15, 2011. It’s available on my publisher’s website, and it is also on Amazon and all other major book outlets.

The blurb for Blood on the Feather:

Archeologist, DeShay Graywater finds much more than she is looking for on a dig on Lakota Sioux land. When detective TJ Hawke and FBI agent Melina Wolfe team up to investigate the murder of a young Sioux woman, much more than the case, and their shared past, present problems. Adventure, Native culture, and mystery combine in Blood on the Feather to make this a romantic thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and your heart pounding.~

*Melinda’s in-depth knowledge of and profound respect for the Lakota Sioux really shines in her work.  The setting and flavor of Blood on the Feather reminds me of Coyote Waits by Tony Hillerman.  Back to Melinda.

Next, I want to mention the unexpected death of my husband, of 24 years, was such a tragic event for me and our kids. My daughter, Shaelee, is 13 and my son, Erik is 23. We are a very close family and this has caused such hurt in our hearts it’s unbearable at times.

I wrote a Christmas story that my husband loved, “Journey to Christmas Creek.” My publisher accepted the manuscript and it was published and dedicated to my husband, for he loved the story so much and read it to our kids as they grew.

The blurb from Journey to Christmas Creek.

This historical Native American story takes the reader back to a time when Indians traveled from one place to another, depending on the time of year. These moves were made in order to be able to find food, water, and wood for fires.

In Journey To Christmas Creek, the chief’s teenage son, Spotted Buffalo wants to be thought of as a man, so one night he sneaks off to find the perfect place for the tribes’ new home. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as quiet as he thought and his younger sister, Gentle Tears, follows him, insisting he take her along, or she will tell their parents what he is about to do.

Being blackmailed by a younger sibling is something every big brother or sister can relate to! Agreeing to take his sister along, Spotted Buffalo sets her on the horse in front of him, and heads out beneath a full moon. They don’t get very far before a snowstorm comes in and they are both very cold. Spotted Buffalo pushes on until he can go no further but where he stops is at a place called Christmas Creek by the white fur traders.

All does not go well and Gentle Tears must help her brother, and faces great danger, risking her life to get back to their parents. When Spotted Buffalo’s father arrives, he is understandably angry but will that anger keep him from recognizing his son’s efforts to help their tribe and become a man?~

*I enjoyed Journey to Christmas Creek.  It’s an unusual Christmas story because of the Native American theme but would appeal to many children.

Now I have to mention this because I am so proud of our daughter. Shaelee had to write a definition essay for school. She is homeschooled and has been her entire life. She wrote the essay about her dad, and titled it, “My definition of a Dad.” It touched me so much and every time I read it, I cry. Her teacher loved it and so I wanted my publisher to read it. This is what Marie, my publisher had to say after reading the poem:

“As a school English assignment, Shaelee wrote this essay in memory of her father. Her teacher was very impressed and told Melinda how well the essay was written, and in turn, Melinda asked if I would like to read it. I was touched by the way Shaelee was able to express herself but also impressed by her natural talent for writing. At that point, as a surprise for Shaelee, I asked Melinda’s permission to publish this essay, and present the royalties to Shaelee to put away for college. Melinda was thrilled with the idea, and Dancing with Bear Publishing is pleased to present Shaelee’s essay in memory of her father.”

So, as you can see my publisher found it to be very moving. I was so thrilled about this and knew it would touch Shae’s heart. Now my daughter has her first published book. It is special because it’s about her and her dad. She dedicated it to him and I know he is so proud. The title of her book is, “My definition of a Dad.” It can be found on Amazon as well as on Dancing with Bear Publishing website.

It is a very touching poem and we are so proud of her. All our books are on Dancing with Bear Publishing.

*This is wonderful, Melinda.

Now I would like to take a moment to share with everyone some more about my husband, Tommy. We want everybody to know that he was the most loving, caring husband and father in the world. He was always there for us, always putting us first. We love him and miss him dearly. He will forever reside in our hearts and souls. Our love and bond is so strong he will never be forgotten and will live on in us. We love you Tommy so very much and know that you are the best thing that came into our lives and remained for eternity.

(*Erik Elmore)

We love you and appreciated everything you taught us. You were always so strong and knew the right words to say when we were down and out. You are with us in spirit. We love you, forever.

Your wife and kids,

Melinda, Shaelee, & Erik

*Thanks Melinda for all that you have shared. And this is where Beth gets out the Kleenex again and gives you the biggest virtual hug she can.  (((())))  Also, Melinda has a beautiful blog dedicated to Tommy where I think all who have suffered loss would find comfort:

About BethTrissel

Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia surrounded by my children, grandbabies, and assorted animals. An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration. In addition to American settings, I also write historical and time travel romances set in the British Isles. And nonfiction about gardening and country life.
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80 Responses to Author Melinda Elmore’s Stories and Tribute to Her Beloved Tommy

  1. Blood on the Feather sounds like a great read. Sorry about your loss. You are doing a fine job of immortalizing you dear husband.

  2. Beth,

    Thank you so much my friend to share with everyone this time in our lives….This has been the hardest time in my life….We love you very much Beth……


  3. Linda,

    Thank you for commenting…..One lucky commenter will win a copy of either Blood on the Feather or Journey to Christmas Creek…..Thanks for stopping by….


  4. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    Melinda..I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Your husband lives on thru your children and your love and devotion to him. I am positive that he is looking down on you all with love, pride and knowledge that what you created together and had as a family will help sustain you all til you meet again!

  5. LeeAnn,

    Thank you my friend…Yes I know he walks with us, every step….He was the best man in the world…Thanks for stopping by…..


  6. Thanks for sharing this Melinda! Hugs on the loss of your husband.

  7. Laurie-j says:

    Melinda and Beth, thanks for a lovely post. My deepest condolences go out to you, Melinda and I wish you the very best as you move through this difficult period. Blood on a Feather sounds super!

  8. Roni,

    Thank you so very much….All the hugs and words of comfortable are so helpful


  9. Laurie,

    I have to agree Beth has done a wonderful post….Thank you for all your kind words…..My sweet Tommy loved Blood on the Feather….so thank you for saying that…..

    Walk in harmony,

  10. Ilona Fridl says:

    I so admire the courage of you and your children. I know your husband would be proud of all of you. I wish you all well.

  11. Judith Keim says:

    Your stories read so well! And to think you have a talented daughter who was able to express her love for her Dad. Very nice, Melinda…So sorry about the sadness you’ve experienced and hope the future holds much success with your writing.

  12. Marie McGaha says:

    Melinda is a wonderful example of spirit and strength that comes through when we need it most. Through all of the trials she and her children have faced since October, losing Tommy, facing the holidays without him, and also facing health problems of her own, Melinda has kept her family together. She leads by example and has raised two great kids. I am so proud to know her personally and professionally.

  13. Lilly Gayle says:

    What a beautifully moving post. You lived a true love story. I wish it hadn’t ended so soon. But he will live on in your hearts forever.
    Congrats to you daughter on her first published story. I know you are incredibly proud.

  14. Mary Ricksen says:

    Next in line to give you one of those big hugs sweetie! I’m sure your husband is watching you, pride and love in his eyes. You never have to look far for him, he will always be in your heart!
    Be strong, for him and your children! He’d be smiling to know you are a survivor!

  15. Melinda, thanks for letting us share your grief and your love for your husband Recovering takes time, but having kids doesn’t allow you much wallowing time. I lost both parents and separated from my husband within a year. The pain does lessen with time.

    When Linda, N. lost her dad, I followed her recovery. Your loss of your life partner hurts like crazy, but the good memories will be there for you and your children. Writing about it can help. Your daughter did a wise thing.

    Great blog!

  16. Melinda, what a lovely tribute to your husband. I can’t imagine life without my sweet husband, but the human spirit is strong. Your mystery sounds just the kind my family loves. We’ve read all of the Tony Hillerman novels and are always looking for similar mysteries. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Rebecca Booth says:

    I have read Native Spirit, Blood on the Feather, and Journey To Christmas Creek and I can honestly say Melinda Elmore is a great writer. Her books always have such a spiritual message and always a mystery involved. I am also so proud of her beautiful children. Shows what a loving family they are. I haven’t read Shaelee’s book, My Definition Of a Dad, but I sure plan to.
    I lost my husband almost eleven years ago, and know what this family is going through now. My prayers go out to them.
    Thanks Beth for this post about a wonderful writer. Well-deserved!

  18. Rosemary McKinley says:

    As I was reading your words, I kept thinking that your husband left a beautiful legacy for you and your children. Keep his words and deeds close to your hearts. It may ease the pain somewhat.

  19. Ilona,

    Thank you and yes I know in my heart that he is very proud…Thanks for stopping by..

    Walk in harmony,

  20. Judith,
    Thank you so very much…I am glad you like my books….Yes we are so proud of Shaelee, she is such a sweet girl

    Walk in harmony,

  21. Marie,

    You are a blessing to me….and my family….you have been here for us and we so appreciate it….We love you dearly and Dancing with Bear Publishing is the greatest…Thank you and we love you


  22. Lilly,
    Yes, our love was one of a kind…Thank you for stopping by


  23. Mary,

    Thank you so very much..I know time will never ease the pain…Tommy will be with us forever…He was such a special man….


  24. Caroline,

    Yes it is so hard not having my Tommy with me but he is in spirit…Yes I am so thrilled Beth compared my writing with Tony Hillerman, what an honor…He is my favorite.

    Thanks for stopping by


  25. Rebecca,

    Thank you my dear friend for all your support…We love you dearly….I know you know exactly what I am going through….I am so glad that you love my books and writing….Fans like you make it all worth it

    Love you bunches,


  26. Joya says:

    Hi Melinda and Beth,
    Melinda, I’m sending lots of virtual hugs to you, too. You are such an inspiration for the way you’ve dealt with such a tragic blow. The way you’ve shared your feelings and sadness has wrenched my heart, but I can’t help but think you’re helping others by sharing the grief process. Others who have suffered loss can take note of how you’re handling things. Your tributes to your late husband are wonderful, as are your daughter’s.
    I’ll keep sending good thoughts and prayers your way for your health and for healing the pain as you keep the memories alive. xxoo Joya

  27. Tereasa says:

    Keeping the faith and sharing your love for such a special man will keep his legacy alive. Although I’m sad for your loss, thank God you had such a wonderful man in you life. All the best,

  28. monarisk says:

    Melinda, I can’t imagine a worst tragedy than losing one’s husband so suddenly.You are very brave and helping your children cope with their dad’s death. Big hugs to you and your family.

  29. Rosemary,

    Thank you for stopping by…Yes indeed he sure left us a legacy….His love was one of a kind…


  30. Cathie Dunn says:

    Melinda, yours is such a moving story. I followed as you shared the sad news on FB. Just 10 months after a dear online friend unexpectedly lost her husband, it made me very sad again. I cannot imagine the pain you’re going through but you were truly blessed with a loving relationship and wonderful kids. Cherish those happy memories of your days together.
    Going to check out Blood on the Feather. Sending you lots of positive energy.
    Big hugs, Cathie xxx

  31. Joya,

    Thank you my friend…Tommy was the love of my life and he will forever be with us…He is what keeps me going…..


  32. Teresa,

    Thank you for stopping by…My faith is so strong because of the man he was…I love him dearly..


  33. Mona,

    Thank you so very much…We raised our kids to respect Mother Earth and all living things….Tommy was such a great man and I am proud to say he is my husband…


  34. Roni,

    Thank you for stopping by…Your words so much…


  35. I’m so sorry for all you and your family have had to go through. As others
    here have said far better than I ever could, your willingness to share your loss and the ways you and your family are coping are probably helping others who have gone through similar heartache. I thank you for coming to Beth’s website and for Beth to hosting you. And your books as well as your daughter’s tribute to her dad will definitely go on my wishlist. Hugs to you. and your family, Melinda

  36. Erik Elmore says:

    I would just like to say thank you to everyone for being good to my mom and our family. Thank you Beth for being a good friend to my mom. May you all have a good day.

  37. Darcy,

    Thank you for your kind words….I hope I in some way help others for the pain of losing your spouse who is your soul mate is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with..


  38. Erik Elmore says:

    Yes, I have never known such great people in my life as my Dad, Mom, and Sister. I love them all so very much. Thank you.

  39. Erik,

    Thank you my wonderful son…You mean so much to me…..Your dad would be proud on how you are taking care of me and your sister,,,,,We love you so very much….

    Thank you Beth for being here for us…We love you dearly


  40. I was very moved by your wonderful tribute to your late husband, and also want to add that your daughter is very talented. Best of luck with Blood on the Feather and Journey to Christmas Creek. Both sound like marvelous stories and I’ll be checking them out.

  41. Jacquie,

    Thank you so very much……I hope my books go far….Tommy loved them so


  42. Anonymous says:

    Melinda, I just want to say thank to you and your children for being my friend(s). I am honored to know such a talented author, who puts her heart and soul into what she writes. The book, Journey to Christmas Creek is a testament to that. You write with a caring spirit, and it shows in everything you do. Congratulations on your releases, and keep writing the way you have been blessed to do.

  43. Yes my dear friend, David you have been so good to us..We appreciate you so very much…You are one of a kind………thank you very much for always listening to me when I need somebody to talk to…..


  44. PJ, a friend of Beth Trissell says:

    So sorry about your husband. May you have strength to endure this pain
    and loss..Losing someone we love reminds us how precious life is .My heart goes out to you and your family.

  45. Shaelee Elmore says:

    I would like to say Thanks to Beth for being such a great friend to my mom and family I really appreciate it. My mom is the most talented author I’ve ever seen and she is very strong. I will always take care of her I love her dearly.

    • bethtrissel says:

      Shalee, you are so welcome, and I am deeply impressed by you, your mom, your dad, and your brother. You are all amazing. Your talent for writing at your age is also remarkable. I hope you will continue to write. I know you will always be there for your mom. You are such a good and caring daughter. God bless you.

  46. PJ,

    Thank you so very much….I am so glad you stopped by….Beth is a dear friend and I love her dearly


  47. My dearest daughter Shaelee,

    I love you so very much….You are my special daughter….Dad loves you and walks with you everyday, every minute…..Thank you for coming on here and writing from your heart….

    We love you


  48. Melinda, Thank you for sharing your heart. You and your daughter are true inspirations of strength, grace and love. I’m sure all come through in your stories. May you continue to find peace. (((HUGS)) AJ

  49. My heart goes out to you and your children, Melinda. I admire your strength and your gift with words. It’s easy to see that your stories come from your heart and soul. All the best to you, my friend, and may your path become easier to bear.

    • Maeve,

      Thank you so very much…I get my strength from Tommy because he always told me that he would always be with me…..He has said that to me ever since we got married….Said I was the love of his life….I miss him so,….


  50. Vonnie Davis says:

    We’ve been away most of the day, so I’m just now checking emails. How nice to read your guest blog, Melinda. I know you and the children miss Tommy. Few families have the closeness the four of you had. Stay strong and focus on Tommy’s love. Congrats on Shae’s essay. What an honor to have it published. Love and Hugs…Von

    • Dear sweet Vonnie,

      You are a dear friend and thank you for stopping by….I realize there are only a few families that have the closeness we shared….I am so thankful for it….I am truly blessed…I know Tommy walks with us and pushes us on…

      Love you


  51. Melinda,
    I can’t imagine what you and your children have been through and the loss you must feel. I enjoyed your blog, and your positive outlooks honors the Lakota tradition of strength and courage. I write primarily western historical, and for whatever reason, that tribe has always been my favorite and the one I’ve researched the most. It’s wonderful to meet another author who shares that passion. I hope the New Year brings you peace and harmony and that happy memories diminish your grief. It looks like you’ve done an amazing parenting job, and you must be very proud of Shae’s essay. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree, did it? Thanks for sharing your story. Your work sounds like my cup of tea.

  52. Ginger,

    Thank you so very much for your kind words….I love the Lakota too they are dear to my heart. I would love to connect with you my friend….I am going to see if I can find you online….

    Again thank you and we are so proud of Shaelee..


  53. Patsy says:

    How very sad and wonderful too!

  54. Patsy,

    Thank you for your words….I love my husband…Thank you for stopping by


  55. Melinda,
    Thanks for sharing your strength, courage and your heart. Best wishes in your writing career.

  56. Hi Melinda,
    Thank you for such a poignant blog. What wonderful memories you have to treasure of your much loved husband. I hope they are a comfort to you in this sad time. Good luck to you and your children. In the writing of lovely stories, it is a case of – Like mother like daughter.
    Best wishes


  57. Margaret,

    Thank you so very much my friend….Tommy was a man that I am so proud to have called my husband….He always told me, “Linda I love you and you are the only love for me” I love him dearly and miss him the same but he keeps me going I love him so


  58. Calisa Rhose says:

    *share the kleenex, Beth*

    Your book sounds wonderful, but I’ve said that before. I am so impressed with your daughter! What a proud moment for you as the writer that must have been. And I can feel the love for your husband in every word, Melinda. My heart goes out to you and your family as you learn to move forward.

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is really good for the honor of you, your children and Tommy. It shows what a family should be. God bless yall and bless you for sharing your story with the world. Much good will come from this …

    You are incredibly strong and a modle for all to follow.

    I have always loved your writings but now I know what a wonderful person you are as well.

    God bless you and your family Melinda.

    • Anonymous,

      Thank you so very much…Your words moved my heart…..Bless you and your family too..

      The Creator God has given me the faith and strength and Tommy walks beside of me so it will be okay


  60. I would like to thank Beth and all the great people who took time to come by and leave a comment….I will have my daughter to draw a name out of the hat tomorrow….So please come back and see who the lucky winner is….remember you get to pick the book you want…..I will check all the comment section in the morning then all names go into a hat

    Thanks again and love you Beth my friend


  61. Today’s winner is Maeve Greyson….Congrats Maeve you get to pick either Journey to Christmas Creek or Blood on the Feather…..

    I will contact you Maeve to see which book you want…

    I would like to thank everyone who stopped by…My daughter put all the names into a container, shook it up, and pulled out the name…

    Thanks to all of you for supporting us….Thank you my dear friend Beth for everything….Love you dearly


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