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The Bearwalker’s Daughter is Free from Sept. 9th –Sept. 11th at Amazon kindle

Description: Timid by nature–or so she thinks–Karin McNeal hasn’t grasped who she really is or her fierce birthright. A tragic secret from the past haunts the young Scots-Irish woman longing to learn more of her mother’s death and the mysterious father no one will name. The elusive voices she hears in the wind hint at the dramatic changes soon to unfold in the mist-shrouded Alleghenies in Autumn, 1784.

Jack McCray, the wounded stranger who staggers through the door on the eve of her twentieth birthday and anniversary of her mother’s death, holds the key to unlock the past. Will Karin let this handsome frontiersman lead her to the truth and into his arms, or seek the shelter of her fiercely possessive kinsmen? Is it only her imagination or does someone, or something, wait beyond the brooding ridges–for her?

The Bearwalker’s Daughter is a historical romance novel interwoven with an intriguing paranormal thread, set among the clannish Scots in the mist-shrouded Alleghenies. The story is similar to others of mine with a colonial frontier flavor and also features Native American characters. My passion for the past, and some of the accounts I’ve come across while researching my early American ancestors and the Shawnee Indians, is at the heart of the inspiration behind this novel.

Amazon Reader Review: The Bearwalker’s Daughter is one of the best western novels I have ever read. It’s packed with action, drama, and romance. Beth Trissel transports you into a world of cowboys and Indians, with a subtle touch of paranormal. Her amazing characters grab you from the first page. The charming Karin is the perfect historical heroine, with the right amount of sweetness and boldness. Jack is honorable, generous, ready to protect the woman he loves. Ms. Trissel is a master story-teller. She kept me hooked to her story with her excellent writing style and her appropriate descriptions. I highly recommend this book and I’m looking for the author’s other books now.

About BethTrissel

Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia surrounded by my children, grandbabies, and assorted animals. An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration. In addition to American settings, I also write historical and time travel romances set in the British Isles. And nonfiction about gardening and country life.
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  1. katsrus says:

    I have this one but; I just wanted to say thank you.

  2. dianeokey says:

    My computer’s froggy today 🙁 so hope this gets to you.
    TBWD is being added to my Nook. Looks fabulous–and as an historical author, nothing I like better than a great historical romance! Good luck with it and all your others :-),

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