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Poisonous Plant Garden Inspired By Agatha Christie

The great Agatha Christie favored poison as her preferred means of dispatching unfortunate characters in many of her murder mysteries. One of the deadliest herbs, Monkshood, also called Aconite and Wolfsbane, certainly played a part.  Torre Abbey in Torquay has a garden devoted to the plants that rear their heads … Continue reading

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What Can Kill Can Cure–Or Kill–Poisons & Caroline Clemmon’s Historical Romance

Thanks to Beth for inviting me to her beautiful blog. We all recognize that Beth is an expert on herbs and flowers, and I thoroughly enjoy her blogs and classes. Many of my books feature healing with herbs, which is … Continue reading

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Love Potions, Fairy Gloves And Mandrake Roots

“And because the Breath of Flowers is farre Sweeter in the Aire (where it comes and Gose, like the Warbling of Musick) than in the hand, therefore nothing is more fit for delight, than to know what be the Flowers … Continue reading

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