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Sweet Saturday Sample from Ghostly Romance Novel Somewhere My Love–Beth Trissel

From Chapter Five: Will and Julia in rehearsal for Hamlet (Yes, Somewhere My Love has Hamlet parallels, plus Hamlet features a rather famous ghost) Julia (as Ophelia) looked pained. “‘You are merry, my lord.’” “‘Oh, God. What should a man do but be merry?’” Will rose to … Continue reading

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Sweet Saturday Sample From Historical-Paranormal Romance Somewhere My Love

This sample is from Chapter Three: Julia stood trembling in the hall illuminated by the light he’d left on at the landing. Her eyes were red and puffy, hair disheveled with bits of grass stuck in the tumble, feet bare … Continue reading

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Lovely Review for Ghostly Romance Somewhere the Bells Ring

Somewhere the Bells Ring got five angels from Fallen Angels Reviews.  I even recounted angels to be certain I saw it right–twice.  🙂 “Somewhere The Bells Ring is a haunting but strangely comforting read, focusing on timeless romance rather than spooky or scary … Continue reading

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Sweet Saturday Snippet from Paranormal Romance Somewhere My Love

Julia huddled in a chair looking strained and vulnerable.  She bore an unsettling resemblance to Ophelia, almost as if Shakespeare had written the lines with her in mind. If only Will could have five minutes alone with her.  He’d sooth … Continue reading

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